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No one has said anything in this community for awhile. And I'm one of the them and i feel ashamed. Latley I've been doing a variety of things, one of which was looking for tickets for the Xbox tour. And sadly, Where I live they are sold out. And this is very sad. I'm still hoping that my paretns wil buy me tickets toeither the taste of chaos or FallOut Boy and the All American Rejects. If they don't it would be very sad.

iTunes album countdown:
1. High school musical
2.Lights and sounds -- Yellowcard
3. Back to bedlam -- James Blunt
4. Testify -- POD
5. Live session -- Wynton Marsalis
6. Mart Caseyand love
7. The greatest -- cat power
8. A fever you can't sweat out -- Panic! at the disco
9. Itunes Originals -- bare naked ladies
10. Passion The early... -- the passion
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