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Let the good times roll

happy new year every one, I don't know abou tyou but i had an aweosm enew year. If any of you watched MTV for the new year, you saw Fall Out BOy and the All Amerian Rejects preform together the classic song "let the good times roll" i think thought it was awesome. As well as preforming, they also anounced that they will be going on tour together some time in march. Which is a show i will definatly be looking into.

as well as that, the Xbox tour will be coming around my town and i hopfully wil be going

thast it for now


also hopfully soon, i will be posting some music videos that me and my friends have made to a few Panic! songs.

actually, if you go to www.Livejournal.com/users/0_motion_art_ ther is 2 video's that i have posted on a seperate livejournal.

hope you like...
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